bamboo 의 build plan 에 bamboo 내부의 변수나 시스템의 변수를 사용하여 유연하게 빌드할 수 있다.


variable 의 종류

  • Global variables are defined across your entire Bamboo instance, and have the same (static) value for every plan that is built by Bamboo.
  • Plan variables are similar to global variables, but are defined for specific plans. Plan variables override global variables with the same name. You can also override a plan variable for a build, if you have triggered the build manually.
  • Build-specific variables are evaluated by Bamboo dynamically at build time. The source of a build-specific variable can either be a Bamboo property or one of the default plugins (assuming they have been enabled).
  • Deployment variables are a number of standard reserved variables that are available during deployment executions. 
  • System variables also apply across your entire Bamboo instance and inherit their values from system or environment variables of the same name.


${bamboo.variableName} 형식으로 사용


git branch 명으로 maven 의 artifact 생성

  1. pom.xml 설정


    <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
      <name>webapp1 Maven Webapp</name>
  2. bamboo 에서 maven task 를 만들고 Goal 에 다음 내용 설정

    clean package -DgitBranch=${bamboo.repository.git.branch}
  3. run build