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  • SourceTree 에서 git rebase 수행하기

소스트리에서 rebase 수행하는 방법

  1. Repository->Interactive rebase 선택
  2. 2



git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false -c "sequence.editor='C:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\SourceTree\stree_gri'" -c "core.editor='C:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\SourceTree\stree_gri'" rebase -i --autosquash
Rebasing (2/4)
Stopped at 25cc012828489603b54034707006c4c60636a28a... 구현 완료
You can amend the commit now, with

	git commit --amend
Once you are satisfied with your changes, run
	git rebase --continue

Completed successfully.